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Private event, special request balloon art.


Inspired by our trip to San Antonio and the amazing Oaxancan art, I decided to make this Tiger.

[email protected]


As a successful balloon artist and a person who teaches balloon art to others I am so very proud of this young man I have never met. I am a strong believer that every child has the right to achieve their full potential. This kiddo is awesome as well as ausome! You go Eddie!


Gotta Love Comic-Con! Here are some of my highlights and lowlights of the event.

So many folks in costume, one just as amazing as the next. I have to say this one made me smile, maybe because I know Jeff Weincrott, one of the engineers who worked on BB-8.IMG_1566

The best hugs ever, Bryce Jackman. Thank you for this great event. Check out his very cool Dragon.

JC Jackman debuted his new kiddie lit, Adventures in a Far Away Land. Sweet collection of delightful short stories, highly recommend!


The Bad, Lisa Lykins walked into a corner and needed stitches near her eye. The good, who knew that emergency medics can come to you and provide medical service. I still can’t figure out where they parked and how they managed to get into Comic-con without passes and then be able to find our booth! They were amazing and not unreasonably priced considering the service. Just as the RN was doing the sewing a balloon popped. Twisting needed to stop while surgery was being performed.

Then there was the face painting, too much fun not a lot of time to take pictures.
IMG_1564 (1)

IMG_1567 (1) IMG_1569 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1570



IMG_1701IMG_1701Wow it was a busy time with so many very cool gigs and great children. But this was the best! Entertaining as Betsy Ross at Ft Carson! After doing several DOD overseas tours, it is always a honor to be invited to perform for our troops stationed here. Thank you Debbie Lease of Talent West Entertainment, for this wonderful opportunity.



Not to late to get in on the winter special deal.

2 more examples of what you get with the special. Bob the Builder balloon sculpture and The Lego Man balloon sculpture. These special made to order baloons will still be available ofter the end of this month but they will not be free.

Bob the Builder balloon

Tomorrow's show, I am making Bob the Builder for a one year old birthday party. The theme is construction.

OIMG_1049n Sunday I am working a Lego party!

All winter special balloons are custom made to order and often are sculptures I never made before. One free special pre-made balloon of your choice during the winter special along with a booked birthday party. Some restictions apply.

Call for details!





IMG_1015 giraffe

2 new balloons for todays parties! Both inspired by the amazing Twistina The Balloon Lady (http://www.twistina.co.uk).

The winter special will end at the end of March. Book your March birthday party and get a free upgrade large balloon sculpture.


Subject to restrictions, call for details. https://mimetime.com 303-753-1011



Elsa balloon A busy weekend for the last weekend in January. Filled with a corporate handwriting analysis event, a henna event, balloon twisting at Southwest Rink at Skyline Park and of course a winter special birthday party. This time it is an pre-made Elsa! Does anyone else find Elsa's eyes really hard to paint????



Book a Birthday Party for Feb or March and get a free "decor" style balloon for the birthday child. Todays winter special for a 4 year olds party is Leonardo!

Leonardo, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Balloon



Based on Abbie's availablity. Not available for any other entertainer booked thru MimeTime. Please have flexibility when you call in case Abbie is already booked on your first choice of time and date.




As you can all see I am working on getting my posts to work so one more test, hopefully the last test. But here is a fun picture of Micheala with her Henna Mustache just to keep you amused!Henna mustache