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How far in advance do I need to book my event?
We book on a "first come, first served" basis, so the sooner you call, the better! When you call, be sure to have a couple of alternative dates, if possible.  The more flexibility you have on day and time, the greater the liklihood we will be available.
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Do you take credit cards?
Yes, we accept credit cards, checks, PayPal and cash.
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Is Mime Time insured?
Mime Time is a fully insured professional entertainment company.
Is the face paint you use on children safe?
Yes! The make-up we use is specially designed to be safe and gentle for children's skin. We use only the highest quality, washable, professional cosmetic face paints and cosmetic grade polyester glitter.
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Do you use live animals?
No, we don't bring live animals with us. For home parties, we also appreciate your keeping family pets under control during shows, unless otherwise arranged. Though we love cats and dogs, they can sometimes get underfoot and decide that balloons are fun to chew on. This can be as dangerous for a dog as it is for a child. Safety must come first!
Do adults need to stay for the party?
Absolutely. We provide the entertainment, but we are not babysitters, and are not responsible for the children. Therefore, adults are required to be present at all times to supervise the children in attendance.

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