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What are your talents?    What are your challenges?    What is your potential?

It’s all in your handwriting!

Handwriting is brain-writing. What we say is conscious; how we write is subconscious. The truth comes out in your handwriting. Handwriting analysis, also known as Graphology or Graphoanalysis, is not a parlor game easily learned – it is a clinical science. Abbie Lawrence is certified by the Grapho-Analytic Institute of Handwriting Analysis.


From a small writing sample, Abbie's expert handwriting analysis skills will profile remarkable details about personality traits.  Here are just a few of the hundreds of traits she can identify: 

  • Ambition
  • Enthusiasm
  • Procrastination
  • Honesty
  • Creativity
  • Jealousy
  • Willpower
  • Temper
  • Loyalty
  • Organization
  • Emotions
  • Ego

Abbie is careful to take into consideration the age and maturity of the writer when offering her analysis of their handwriting. 
It's all about having fun!


Teens, Tweens and Adults

Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitvahs, After Prom, Sweet Sixteen, Quinceañera, holiday and New Year's Eve parties  – handwriting analysis is perfect for all types of gatherings.  We know face painting, henna and balloon art are popular, but handwriting analysis will make your event truly unique and memorable! 

Corporate Events

Handwriting analysis is a fun and effective addition to corporate events! Attracting people into your booth at a trade show or entertaining them at a party, Abbie's accuracy will amaze your guests! Her unique ability will provide remarkable detail about the writer and will serve as an ice breaker as people get together to compare results.  For couples, Abbie can compare traits of both people for a Compatibility Analysis at  your next:

Trade Show Booths
Holiday Parties
Company Picnics
Grand Openings

Work shops

Abbie teaches Introductory Handwriting Analysis at workshops around the Denver metro area.


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