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Comic-Con, 3 days of pure fun!


Gotta Love Comic-Con! Here are some of my highlights and lowlights of the event.

So many folks in costume, one just as amazing as the next. I have to say this one made me smile, maybe because I know Jeff Weincrott, one of the engineers who worked on BB-8.IMG_1566

The best hugs ever, Bryce Jackman. Thank you for this great event. Check out his very cool Dragon.

JC Jackman debuted his new kiddie lit, Adventures in a Far Away Land. Sweet collection of delightful short stories, highly recommend!


The Bad, Lisa Lykins walked into a corner and needed stitches near her eye. The good, who knew that emergency medics can come to you and provide medical service. I still can’t figure out where they parked and how they managed to get into Comic-con without passes and then be able to find our booth! They were amazing and not unreasonably priced considering the service. Just as the RN was doing the sewing a balloon popped. Twisting needed to stop while surgery was being performed.

Then there was the face painting, too much fun not a lot of time to take pictures.
IMG_1564 (1)

IMG_1567 (1) IMG_1569 IMG_1558 IMG_1559 IMG_1570